Editing, Mixing and Mastering

With years of experience as a professional Afrobeats Music Producer, NIICKII is able to help musicians create a final product that not even they were able to imagine. Capturing each individual sound and envisioning what it will sound like ahead of time is only part of what NIICKII does for the artists working with them.

Editing & Post Production

Recording Sessions

The Total Package

Record your next hit with the latest breakthrough technology. At my studio, with both vintage or and digital hardware and software, take full advantage of the unbeatable quality of my Recording Sessions.


Music Consulting

From Recording to Live Performance

Add the final touches to your album with my Music Consulting skills. I oversee all recording and mixing activities to ensure everything is on track.  You can trust my Music Consulting skills to give your music that extra touch. I also provide full band services for live performances.

Sheet Music



Create that eye catching Music Video for your next single. I oversee the whole music video shoot process to ensure the artist gets the best quality. From Shoot to directing and editing.  See some examples and you would be convinced.

NIICKII: be present, reflect, breathe, repeat. (Visuals)

NIICKII: be present, reflect, breathe, repeat. (Visuals)

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